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Study the Application of Data Mining Technology in Prediction of Customer Churn in Insurance Company

Along with the globalized time’s arrival, the industrialization and the modernization of the developing countries in general (particularly Asian country) process acceleration, the energy demand increases largely, then the energy question becomes the world universal attention major issue now.

The energy security relates to a national and even the global survival and development, how will safeguard a national energy security is various countries’ internal affairs diplomatic work key point in the next long time, this point obtained more and more clear manifestation in the US, Japan, India and so on.

In order to safeguard the energy security, many countries have got to depend upon the import to satisfy the energy gap resulted from the economic fast development, therefore, it will has some national energy volume of exports also increase day by day, the energy contact will deepen unceasingly, various countries’ government will take seriously, will carry out a series of diplomatic activities unceasingly for it, hence, the energy diplomacy will be exceptionally active in the worldwide scale,“energy diplomacy”time along with it arrival.The shortage of energy restricts India develops.

There is 16% population of the world in India, the domestic oil gas proven reserves do not surpass 0.8% of the world. It is estimated that if cannot discover the new oil field early, the Indian present domestic petroleum proven reserves can only use to 2016. Compares with the oil resource deficient present situation, the Indian petroleum daily average consumption quantity actually amounts to 2,570,000 barrels, but 75% must depend upon the import. The expert believed that the energy gap will enlarge gradually, the foreign level of dependency unceasingly will also deepen along with the economical scale’s expansion.

The energy security has become India the hidden danger of state economy security.China and India are the developing countries, the economy develop fast, structure aspects and so on of energy consumption have the strong commeasurability, specially both countries similarly face the oil gas supply and demand contradictory to be prominent day by day and austere situation to import the crude oil dependence stronger and stronger. 40% petroleum need to import in China, India reaches as high as 75%. According to the International Energy Bureau predict that China will increase to 74% to the petroleum import’s dependence to 2030, India will increase to 91%.

Both countries oil gas import’s degree of dependency is quite high, and originates majority of from the Middle East. Therefore, it is significant to study India’s energy diplomacy for China, through more comprehensive analysis to Indian energy diplomacy, China should unify own characteristic, formulates the more reasonable energy foreign policy to ensure Chinese energy security.This article mainly uses the research technique which induces and compares, the full text divides into four major parts:The first part:

Energy diplomacy starting and Indian energy diplomacy. This part from contradiction this background which produced the world energy need and the supply, to prove energy diplomacy starting, in the energy market competition increasingly fierce time, many primary energy countries of consumption in the world to avoid …

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Promoting Tips So You Can Get Your Mind Going Finance Help Center

As one of the fundamental industries of our national economy, the products of agriculture are the most basic necessities of human and main raw material of industry and one of the main commodities of commerce. So agriculture plays a unique role in the development of the whole national economy. However the price of agriculture products is related to the development of agriculture itself and the stability of the whole commodity price. Therefore, as the basic price, its fluctuation must cause the fluctuation of the whole commodity price.

After we join WTO, our agriculture products will integrate into the international agriculture products market. With the all-side open of the market, the uncertainty of the market our main part of our agriculture products market is facing increases gradually. Under this kind of background, this article presents the subject ” evade the risk of our agriculture products is the realistic requirement of the producers and the sellers”.

Through analyzing the reasons and principles of the risk forming of the agriculture products, and use the advanced risk managing experience of the western developed countries for reference, this article presents the policy proposal of the evading way and the defense system for agriculture products price, then meet the objective needs of evading the price risk of the agriculture products producers and sellers. This article bases upon the current three agriculture problems of our country, and makes detailed analysis and study of the price risk and evading ways.

It uses the related knowledge of futures market, options market and forward contract, and the functions of evading risk to explain how to avoid the agriculture products price risk. It also presents the feasibility suggestion and solution, which provides a realistic and feasible way for the steady income of the peasants.The study content of this article is as follows:

1 .The reason of forming and its affection of he agriculture product price risk:The reason of forming of the agriculture price risk includes four sides: the fluctuation of the demands and supply total amount of the agriculture products, the influence of the national agriculture policy, the affection of the market and circulation factors, and finance currency factor. The writer uses the cobweb theory to analyze the inner principle of the agriculture product price risk. The conclusion is: the price risk has become the main risk the agriculture product producer and proprietor are facing.

2. The agriculture futures market’s function in the price risk managing of the agriculture products: it has the functions of price discovery and hedging. This article concretely explains how to make full use of the futures market’s function to evade the price risk efficiently. Meanwhile it analyzes the problems existing in the development of the futures market. It also explains to improve it depending on the policy, structure, trading rule and investment main body.Sharing and risk guarantee in the practice to improve the functions of the order agriculture.

3. The agriculture product options market’s effect on the price risk managing: this article expatiates the options market …

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